Wealth Transfer



Perhaps you’re starting to think about sharing your life’s success with family or close associates. How you do this can build your legacy of love and kindness — and also, practicality. We can help achieve this using proven effective estate planning tools.

Legacy Planning. There are a number of ways to leave a legacy for someone or a group. For example, permanent life insurance can be an easy, safe, affordable way build your personal legacy. An indexed annuity can pay you and your beneficiary. You can also create a charitable gift annuity which will provide remaining cash to a chosen organization or institution after you’ve received income for a lifetime.

Capital Transfer. If you’ve worked hard to build a business, own property, or accumulate significant assets, you probably want to pass these on to your family. We’ll help you get it done easily, using tools such as property transfers, gifting, and trusts. Of course, we’ll look to do it in the most tax-advantaged way possible. Check out the video for more information. CORNERSTONE PROVIDES EFFECTIVE ESTATE PLANNING TOOLS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.